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Cryo Chamber

Gingrich Calls For Second Amendment ‘For All Mankind’

Newt Gingrich may not have much of a shot at becoming President, but he is refusing to go quietly.

And while he is no longer talking about the colonizing the Moon, he does have plans which cover the entire globe.

The former House Speaker told the National Rifle Association today that gun ownership should be [...]

Gunman Dead After Rampage At Psychiatric Clinic

A man armed with two semiautomatic handguns entered the lobby of a psychiatric clinic at the University of Pittsburgh on Thursday and opened fire, killing one person and wounding several others before he was shot dead, apparently by campus police, the mayor said.

Six people were wounded by the man’s gunfire, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said. [...]

Indiana Soon To Have State Firearm

Indiana soon will have an official state rifle to go along with the state tree, state stone and state flower.

The Indiana House voted 78-2 on Tuesday to declare the Grouseland the state’s official rifle. It is one of only six remaining long rifles made by famed Hoosier gunsmith John Small in the early 1800s.


PA Self-Defense Bill Goes To Gov

Gov. Ed Rendell will decide whether Pennsylvania law will be changed to allow people to defend themselves with lethal force outside their homes without retreat.

The state House yesterday sent a Senate-passed bill to Rendell’s desk termed “stand your ground” legislation. The House approved it by a 161 to 35 margin.

The bill enables people [...]

Pennsylvania “Castle Doctrine” Expansion Bill.

Is it self-defense — or wild, sildenafil Wild West?

This is the question Gov. Ed Rendell and state senators will consider with the Pennsylvania House’s passing of the controversial “Castle Doctrine” expansion bill.

House Bill 40 eliminates a citizen’s duty to retreat if threatened at home or in public and authorizes the use of lethal [...]

Anti-Tax, Pro-Gun? You’re A ‘Terrorist’

Don’t like being taxed to pay for wasteful government programs? Want to ensure your Second Amendment rights aren’t infringed upon? Willing to attend rallies to peacefully and legally demonstrate how important these issues are to you?

Then you — yes, you! — just might be a “terrorist.”

According to bulletins issued to the Pennsylvania Office [...]

Utah’s Gun Permit Popular With Nonresidents

James Roe, here a 64-year-old computer consultant from rural Pennsylvania, clinic spent a recent Saturday in a Pittsburgh suburb learning about riflings, find hangfires and powder charges. The gun safety class was for people seeking a concealed-firearm permit in Utah, some 1,500 miles away. Never mind that Mr. Roe has not been to Utah in [...]

Westmoreland commissioners allow guns in county parks

Westmoreland County Commissioners voted yesterday to change an ordinance to allow guns in all county parks.

Commissioners Tom Balya and Tom Ceraso, both Democrats, said they had no choice but to amend the county’s 1974 parks ordinance so it concurs with state law that allows firearms in public places, including parks.

“We would be foolish [...]