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Cryo Chamber

Unconstitutional laws must be discarded

The foundation of New Jersey’s blatantly unconstitutional gun laws rests on a state Supreme Court decision in 1968; Burton v. Sills. This decision relied on an interpretation of the Second Amendment as pertaining only to “the militia” or National Guard, more commonly known as the “collectivist interpretation.” The collectivist interpretation, however, was eliminated once and [...]


The New Jersey Attorney General’s motion to dismiss a recently-filed Second Amendment Foundation lawsuit against the state’s subjective handgun carry laws was “predictable and disappointing, seek ” SAF said today.

The lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Garden State’s “justifiable need” gun permit standard also involves the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs [...]

Brian Aitken Comes Home!

Brian Aitken, the 27-year-old cause celebre for gun advocates nationwide, was released from prison this morning after his sentence was commuted by Gov. Chris Christie! – [source]

To the 15,000+ Facebook supporters, thank you. To each and every person who wrote the Governor, thank you. To each and every person who wrote to me and [...]

NJ man serving 7 for guns he legally owned

EVERYTHING Brian Aitken was or had worked for was wiped away one winter afternoon after his mother called the police on him.

Separated from his wife, the entrepreneur and media consultant, now 27, had moved back home to New Jersey from Colorado toward the end of 2008 to be closer to their young son.

In [...]

NJ Politicians Want List Of NRA Members

In a blatant attempt by entrenched New Jersey politicians to strong arm citizens who oppose their re-election, information pills Senator Barbara Buono (D-18) and Senator Loretta Weinberg have introduced legislation which would require certain contributors to “issue advocacy organizations”, including the NRA and ANJRPC, to have their names, addresses and their employers’ information sent to [...]

A Blind Man And His Guns

Talk about an interesting Second Amendment case. Does a blind person enjoy the constitutional right to own firearms?

That may sound like a great law school debate, but it was real life drama this week in state Superior Court, Morristown. The issue dates back to 1994 when a judge said that Steven Hopler of Rockaway [...]

Utah’s Gun Permit Popular With Nonresidents

James Roe, here a 64-year-old computer consultant from rural Pennsylvania, clinic spent a recent Saturday in a Pittsburgh suburb learning about riflings, find hangfires and powder charges. The gun safety class was for people seeking a concealed-firearm permit in Utah, some 1,500 miles away. Never mind that Mr. Roe has not been to Utah in [...]

N.J. Next Target After SCOTUS Ruling

New Jersey’s gun laws, pills among the nation’s toughest, will most likely face an avalanche of lawsuits in light of Monday’s Supreme Court ruling, as activists test the statutes’ constitutional mettle, experts said.

The Supreme Court case, McDonald v. Chicago, found individuals have a right to possess a handgun in their home for self-defense, but [...]