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Cryo Chamber

TX: Open Carry Bill

An effort to let Texans openly carry their handguns throughout the state is still alive in the Texas Legislature, but its days may be numbered.

A bill to give Texas gun owners the freedom to publicly tote their guns has passed a crucial hurdle, being approved by a House committee, but that might be as [...]

Utah Constitutional Right To Carry

A Utah lawmaker wants to allow all state residents who can legally have a gun carry and conceal it without a permit.

Rep. Carl Wimmer, R-Herriman, said he plans to introduce a bill to eliminate the requirement for a state concealed weapon permit to carry a loaded gun.

People who do not live in Utah [...]

Brookfield Pays Woman Who Brought Gun To Church $7,500

The woman who was arrested at gunpoint after she wore her gun to a church in Brookfield, and a gun rights group, have settled a lawsuit against the city and the officers who arrested her for $7,500.

An attorney for the city said police will still always respond in force to calls of a person [...]

CA:Businesses Welcome Openly Carried Firearms

Unless you don’t have a computer you know that Starbucks welcomes customers who openly carry firearms (Open Carry), despite a failed campaign from the Brady Campaign to force them to change their policy.

Thanks in part to the publicity the Brady Campaign gave to the South Bay Open Carry movement by protesting an Open Carry [...]

LAPD Chief Beck Warns Open Carry Movement

“What I can tell you is that if you Open Carry in Los Angeles you’re going to get inspected a lot.” – LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

This is an exact quote from Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck. He and Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca answered a question regarding openly carrying a firearm at [...]