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Cryo Chamber

More than 20 gun-rights supporters attend ‘open-carry’ gathering in Vandercook Lake

Hamburgers, healing hot dogs and baked beans weren’t the only items on hand at a Sunday afternoon picnic in Vandercook Lake.

The rainy weather didn’t prevent more than 20 gun-rights supporters from gathering in Vandercook Lake County Park for an “open-carry” gathering.

The picnic was sponsored by the nonprofit organization Michigan Open Carry. Organizers said [...]

students lobby university to allow concealed legal firearms on campus

Since criminals do not honor rules against firearms, these dangerous policies stack the odds against students and in favor of criminals. [...]

Firearm Scope Use By Military Contain Bible Verses

A Michigan-based company that manufactures scopes for firearms is under scrutiny because a report has found that it includes New Testament verses in its products, information pills some of which are used by the U.S. military.

According to ABC, unhealthy Trijicon has contracts with the Defense Department, health including a $660 million multi-year contract to [...]