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More than 20 gun-rights supporters attend ‘open-carry’ gathering in Vandercook Lake

Hamburgers, healing hot dogs and baked beans weren’t the only items on hand at a Sunday afternoon picnic in Vandercook Lake.

The rainy weather didn’t prevent more than 20 gun-rights supporters from gathering in Vandercook Lake County Park for an “open-carry” gathering.

The picnic was sponsored by the nonprofit organization Michigan Open Carry. Organizers said they aimed to educate people of the legality of openly carrying a handgun in Michigan. A similar event was last summer at Sparks Foundation County Park.

“I believe any gun control law is unconstitutional, cheapest ” said Jackson resident and Michigan Open Carry member Gordon Cannon, information pills who carried a 9 mm handgun.

“I carry it to protect my children … We’re not just a bunch of hicks and rednecks.”

In Michigan, any person over age 18 without a criminal record may openly carry a registered firearm while holstered in most public places.-[source]

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