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students lobby university to allow concealed legal firearms on campus

A group of students at Oakland University is lobbying for the ability to legally carry concealed guns on campus, in spite of the university’s ban on weapons for civilians.

Members of OU Students for Concealed Carry on Campus plan to walk around Oakland’s campus this week wearing empty gun holsters in support of loosened gun restrictions at the school, according to the Detroit Free Press and WDIV. Oakland currently bans everyone except police officers from bringing weapons onto campus.

The group’s protest is part of a nationwide demonstration against regulations that ban guns on college campuses., the national Web site for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, says the Empty Holster Protest is the organization’s “signature attention-getter.”

Those students could have some support in the state legislature. A bill introduced into the state House in September would ban institutions of higher learning — including colleges, universities and community colleges — from regulating the possession, ownership or carrying of legal firearms. – [source]

1 comment to students lobby university to allow concealed legal firearms on campus

  • Bob Long

    Dont lobby, just do it. If you are doing your CCW correctly, NO ONE will KNOW! and when the nut job shows up, take his rear end out and then ask forgiveness for not dying in the attack. Get on TV and say I have a right to defend myself! You do have a right, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that is in there. Just do it!

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