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Cryo Chamber

3D Printing and the Governmental Idea Silencer

The US government has blocked a Texas-based company from distributing details online of how to make a plastic gun using a 3-D printer [...]

Movement On The U.N. Gun Ban

Mexican President and Chicago Mayor call for end of U.S. Sovereignty.

A storm of liberal anti-gun opinion is swelling to force international anti-gun policies on American citizens as NAGR continues the fight to protect the Second Amendment from international gun grabbers.

Recently we reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration are [...]

EPA Denial On Lead Hunting Ammunition Ban

Facing strong opposition from U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe and others, approved a key federal agency denied a petition Friday seeking a ban on lead ammunition used by hunters.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, however, said it would continue to review another section of the petition on the use of lead in fishing tackle.

In denying [...]

EPA Reviewing Petition to Ban Lead Bullets

In another sideways attempt to remove the availability of firearms and ammunition, the Feds are considering a ban on lead bullets. – [source]

Several environmentalist groups led by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) are petitioning the EPA to ban lead bullets and shot (as well as lead sinkers for fishing) under the Toxic Substances [...]