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Cryo Chamber

Movement On The U.N. Gun Ban

Mexican President and Chicago Mayor call for end of U.S. Sovereignty.

A storm of liberal anti-gun opinion is swelling to force international anti-gun policies on American citizens as NAGR continues the fight to protect the Second Amendment from international gun grabbers.

Recently we reported that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration are [...]


Ask any scout at the 2010 National Jamboree about his favorite activity and you’ll get a virtually unanimous answer, shooting. At this year’s 100th Anniversary Jamboree, airgun shooting is the domain of Crosman Corporation. Long known for innovation and quality in the shooting sports, Crosman began working with the Boy Scouts of America in the [...]

Machine Guns Vs. Assault Weapons

The mainstream anti-gun media does a terrible job in reporting on guns, information pills and much of it is misunderstood even when the reporting is close to accurate.

The media would have you believe that “assault weapons” are in fact “machine guns,” but that’s not really the case. Here is why.

Anyone who has studied [...]

Tehama Sheriff Leads Gun Rights Suit

Tehama County Sheriff Clay Parker is passionate about citizens’ rights to bear arms.

So much so, check he is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit recently filed in Sacramento by the National Rifle Association/California Rifle and Pistol Association Foundation Legal Action Project challenging state Assembly Bill 962.

When the bill was signed into law by [...]


The Following is an up to the minute report from Julianne Versnel, order Director of Operations for the Second Amendment Foundation who is representing SAF as an NGO delegate at the United Nations ATT meeting.

The Arms Trade Treaty Prep Committee began on July 12, 2010 and will conclude on July 23, 2010. Ambassador Roberto [...]