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Cryo Chamber

Star Wars Inspired Next-Gen Headgear

Improvised explosive devices are one of the biggest threats to soldiers in Afghanistan and across the world. They unleash a shock wave that can travel about 1, online 000 feet per second and hit with a pressure of 100 pounds per square inch. The U.S. Army’s standard-issue Kevlar combat helmet absorbs some of that force, [...]

Metamaterials To Hide Events In Time As Well As In Space

Forget invisibility cloaks. Researchers at Imperial College London have demonstrated – on paper, prostate anyhow – a metamaterial “space-time cloak” that can conceal entire events from view, making a viewer see one thing while something entirely different takes place behind the cloak. Paging DARPA.

A space-time cloak would do this with protons [photons], accelerating some, [...]

metamaterial membranes = invisibility cloak?

A new material that could be used to create a real-life Harry Potter-style “invisibility cloak” has been designed by British scientists.

The material, viagra order called “Metaflex”, side effects may in future provide a way of manufacturing fabrics that manipulate light. Metamaterials have already been developed that bend and channel light to render [...]

Making Defense Tech Fashionable – the DARPA hoodie

The‘DARPA hoodie, clinic ’ a strangely-designed patchwork garment accented with the occasional red zipper, is made of 12 interlocking pieces of rip-resistant nylon that sew perfectly together into a hoodie with zero waste. Cooler still, it was born of an algorithm developed for DARPA’s Programmable Matter program, which seeks to make T-1000-like shape-shifting smart materials.


Darpa’s Self-Aiming “One Shot” Sniper Rifle

A sniper crouches near an open window and zooms in on his target, who sits a half-mile away. He peers through a scope and holds his breath, preparing to squeeze the trigger. But it’s windy outside, and he can’t afford a miss. What to do?

A new DARPA-funded electro-optical system will calculate the ballistics for [...]

The Flying Humvee

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has selected two companies to proceed with the next stage of its Transformer, known as TX—a fully automated four-person vehicle that can drive like a car and then take off and fly like an aircraft to avoid roadside bombs. Lockheed Martin and AAI Corp., a unit of [...]

Right To Keep and Bear Lasers

The coming generation of lasers can do some amazing things; like create matter?

When a high-powered laser fires, causing photons to impact electrons at a tremendous velocity, it is possible for matter — a positron-electron pair — to be created by the impact, as was demonstrated in a Stanford experiment in 1997. When such matter [...]

The First Flywheel Power Storage Plant?

With the rise in renewable energy sources comes a corresponding need for reliable power storage devices–all that solar power gathered during the day needs to still be available at night, after all. Enter Beacon Power’s $69 million flywheel storage plant. The facility harnesses 200 flywheels that store power from natural gas plants as kinetic energy [...]

Video: The Pentagon’s shape-shifting robot

At the moment the tiny robot – a sheet just half a millimetre thick, scarcely thicker than a piece of paper – only folds itself into a boat, like a child’s toy, or a “paper glider” plane shape. But it is anticipated that in future it will be used to create full-sized cars and aircraft [...]

Electronic Armageddon via the E.M.P. Bomb

National Geographic has presumably explored the risk and consequences of the “electronic Armageddon” that could be caused by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) bomb. An EMP bomb, National Geographic explains, is “a bomb that’s designed to go above the atmosphere and release huge amounts of energy,” some of which in the form of gamma rays. Such [...]