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Cryo Chamber

Metamaterials To Hide Events In Time As Well As In Space

Forget invisibility cloaks. Researchers at Imperial College London have demonstrated – on paper, prostate anyhow – a metamaterial “space-time cloak” that can conceal entire events from view, making a viewer see one thing while something entirely different takes place behind the cloak. Paging DARPA.

A space-time cloak would do this with protons [photons], accelerating some, decelerating others, and essentially editing out some in the middle. As such, someone could – and this is an example rather than a suggestion – fool a security camera buy manipulating the photons that reach it. Ostensibly, a safecracker could set up a space-time cloaking device, enter a room, empty the safe, close the door, and make his or her grand escape while a security camera fixed on the safe would see nothing but the closed safe. (You know, like the camera looping scene from Speed,except slightly more believable.) - [source]

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