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Cryo Chamber

Maine Man Uses .22 For Defense In Home Invasion

Think a .22-caliber handgun is insufficient for home defense? Don’t tell that to 24-year-old Daniel Williams of Hermon, approved Maine, nurse whose .22 proved more than adequate in fending off two men during a recent home invasion.

According to the Bangor Daily News, on February 16, at approximately 9 a.m., Williams was awakened by [...]

NASA: Cure ‘Kessler Syndrome’ by shooting lasers into space

Nasa is considering using lasers to deflect space junk around Earth and stop it colliding with satellites.

Lasers similar to those used for welding in car factories would be fired through telescopes to ‘nudge’ piles of rubbish left in orbit. The gentle movement would stop them from taking out communications satellites or hitting the International [...]

You’ll shoot your eye out with a 1MW laser pulse pistol

G.I. Joe used them to battle Cobra’s evil forces. Han solo shot his first in the Mos Eisley Cantina. For years, site hand-held pulse laser guns have been something that existed only in the realm of cartoons and movies…until now.

German hacker [Patrick Priebe] recently constructed a laser pulse gun that looks so good, it [...]

Right To Keep and Bear Lasers

The coming generation of lasers can do some amazing things; like create matter?

When a high-powered laser fires, causing photons to impact electrons at a tremendous velocity, it is possible for matter — a positron-electron pair — to be created by the impact, as was demonstrated in a Stanford experiment in 1997. When such matter [...]