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New Gun Laws In Colorado Prevent Gun Buyback

humorA planned gun buyback event in Boulder, this site Colo. was brought to a halt, this web ironically, ailment by the state’s new gun control laws. Colorado recently enacted a universal background check scheme that would require each transfer to go through a licensed gun seller and pay a tax on each transfer.

Though not illegal, each transfer would cost the event organizers $20 to $60, which would use up the most of the buyback’s cache. According to deputy county attorney Dea Wheeler, as long as the buyback workers passed background checks for each gun bought, they would be in compliance with the law.

The sheriff of Boulder supported the buyback but could not help the “non-partisan multi-faith organization” Together Colorado with the background checks, as there are not exemptions in the law for the police or buyback programs such as these.-[source]

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