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Sex Offender Protests Gun Show, Wants AR-15s Banned

dorkalertIn Dayton, viagra dosage Ohio, a group of protesters organized outside of a local gun and knife show, calling for a renewed “assault weapons” ban. Protest organizer Jerome McCorry had this to say. “We know that guns are being sold on the floor inside Hara Arena illegally. No background checks, no identification of any kind.

“AK-47s and M16s are not gonna be used for hunting, they’re not going to be used to protect anybody. These are the weapons that are coming back and being used in mass murders and mass killings.”

McCorry is a convicted rapist.

We don’t entirely disagree; AK-47s and M16s aren’t going to be used for hunting. They also make it really hard to force yourself on someone.

There’s something about the sound of that bolt slamming shut that gives sex offenders a brief moment of lucidity, a change of heart. For rapists, everybody needs more than 10 rounds.

Still, if you’re a convicted rapist—convicted anything but seriously, people hate rapists pretty much the most—why would you protest anything? You’re basically guaranteed to throw your side under the bus.

With that in mind, McCorry, you can protest evil black rifle ownership to your heart’s content.-[source]

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