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14-Year-Old Protects Mich. Rape Victim With Hunting Knife

whoopassThe Detroit Free Press has one of the most terrifying, there unbelievable “home alone” stories to strike rural America.

It is the story of a 14-year-old boy who was keeping an eye on his siblings while his dad ran a quick errand Wednesday night, health who ended up guarding a reported rape victim with his hunting knife as an ex-convict battered at the door and threatened to kill them all.  The alleged rapist eventually tried to set the house on fire, ailment with the children inside.

James Persyn was watching television in his Shepherd, Michigan home– his 11-year-old sister playing with their 2-year-old brother– when he heard a frantic battering at the door.

“Her voice was, like, she was going to die if I didn’t open that door,” James recalled, so he looked at his sister and they quickly made the decision to let the woman in.-[source]

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