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Disabled Homeowner Shoots & Kills Female Buglar

An Oklahoma gun owner shot and killed an intruder who broke into his home last Thursday. Yeah, yeah, we know – you’ve heard this story and stories just like it a thousand times before. This one’s a little bit different though, because this time the would-be thief was a woman.

The burglar in question was 50-year-old Mary Kathleen Sanders, but she also brought along two accomplices, 26-year-old Misty Dawn Puskaric and 37-year-old Starr Michelle Timmons. According to reports, Sanders had previously worked for the homeowner and therefore knew that he was disabled.

But just because somebody is disabled doesn’t mean that he can’t put up a fight — especially when he’s got a gun in his hand.

According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the man was awaken by the three suspects as they burglarized his home. At some point between waking up and confronting the would-be robbers, he grabbed his gun. The homeowner shot and killed Sanders just outside of his home, prompting Puskaric and Timmons to flee the scene. The two women were later arrested by authorities and are being charged with first-degree burglary.-[source]

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