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Walking Jeff Cooper’s Path

Almost 31 years ago as this is written, view I attended my first session at a major training site and learned the Weaver shooting stance from none other than Jeff Cooper. No matter what you think of the late Colonel Cooper personally, viagra 40mg if you deny him as the progenitor of all the various schools of thought we now see in modern firearms training and practical competition, site you deny reality.

In my limited time around him, I found Cooper to be both highly opinionated and, at the same time, extremely curious about serious alternatives presented by those around him.  Jeff Cooper clung to the Weaver stance not because he was unwilling to consider other options, but because he hadn’t seen anything dramatically better.

As I evolved as a shooter and as an instructor, I looked honestly at each of the “newest” shooting techniques as they came down the pike. Often, these “new” techniques were little more than a re-hash of something we’d used 20 or more years previously.-[source]

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