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Cryo Chamber

Zombie Headshots:A Matter Of Physics & Caliber Selection

Consider the skull: an armored, erectile curved structure with stiffening ribs and internal support structures located on top, unhealthy where it can swivel and use detection sensors to locate dangers. Sort of like the turret on a T-72 tanks, sales but with more forehead.

It is that way for the same reasons the Soviets designed their tanks the way they did: protection. As we discuss this, also keep in mind a technical term: angle of incidence. That is, the angle between the line of travel of the projectile and the surface impacted. Hit something square — called “normal” in physics-speak — and it, perforce, absorbs all the impact energy. Hit it at a sharp angle, a glancing blow, and the energy absorbed is small and the projectile escapes, taking most of the energy with it. Here’s where gun choice enters the fray, folks.

When it comes to putting a hole through armor, we have to consider three different aspects of the physical object being used as the can-opening tool: speed, hardness and shape.-[source]

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