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M855A1:Should It Be The New Round For Soldiers & Marines?

I am not a ballistician, website like this but I know a load of crap when I see it. There are elements within the U.S. Department of Defense that have been recklessly careening down the road to an improved “green” 5.56 round for a long time. After burning through millions of dollars (at least $32 million, viagra according to the last report), it appears that they’ve finally gotten what they wanted in the M855A1.

The M855A1 EPR project has had serious issues since its inception. The problems include a lawsuit from the original designer of this round and the attendant multi-million dollar payout. In addition, there was an embarrassing revelation in 2009 that the initial bismuth alloy projectile would destabilize in higher ambient temperatures, causing it to miss the proverbial side of the barn. Great job, guys. Design a round that doesn’t work in the heat while we’re engaged against enemies operating in hot environments! Too determined to be deterred, they went back to work and “fixed” the round, leading us to where we are now.-[source]

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