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Houston Man Claims Self-Defense In Road Rage Death

According to KHOU 11News, erectile 28-year-old Jonathan Darling claimed he acted in self-defense during an altercation that left a man dead following a traffic collision that occurred in the 8800 block of the Gulf freeway on March 5.

Per Darling, order the bumper of his vehicle collided with the bumper of another vehicle as each driver attempted to merge into the same lane.  Darling indicated that after the minor traffic collision, the driver of the other vehicle, 42-year-old Tate Welton approached and threatened him, stating “I’m going to mess you up. You messed up my day. I’m going to be late for work. We’re going to fight.”

Darling asserts that he attempted to get away from Welton and that he told his wife to call 911. However, Darling was unable to escape and Welton struck his face and head. According to Darling, Welton even went after his (Darling’s) wife and kids, who were still seated in their SUV.-[source]

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