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Massachusetts & California Fed Judges On 2A

A Federal Magistrate Judge in Massachusetts just outdid the Brady Center in their ludicrous interpretation of the United States Supreme Court Heller decision which declared that we have an individual, fundamental enumerated Constitutional right to carry a weapon for the purpose of self defense.

On October 14th, Judge Marrianne B. Bowler of Massachusetts ruled that the Second Amendment does not preclude laws or actions which are not “…tantamount to an absolute restriction on plaintiff’s right to possess firearms in his home.”

The Brady Bunch and their cohorts had been claiming that the Heller decision only conferred a right to keep firearms in ones home. According to this Massachusetts judge, even that interpretation is overly broad.

On May 11, 1997 Townsend Police and Massachusetts State Police seized a number of weapons owned by Harry Yohe. Yohe sued and was awarded $7,500. Since then, for the past thirteen and a half years, he has been trying to get his firearms returned, which the police have refused to do. The police will not even provide a list of his property that was seized.-[source]

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