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Hidden Threat to Second Amendment

Recently the American Bar Association published a report urging:

[F]ederal, nurse state … governments to enact laws requiring that all newly-manufactured semi-automatic pistols be fitted with microstamping technology which would ensure that when a firearm is fired, site an alphanumeric and/or geometric code would be stamped on the cartridge casing … that would enable law enforcement to identify the serial number of the pistol and hence the first known purchaser of a weapon used in a crime.

To succeed, page microstamping requires building a permanent database of all gun owners (licensing) and linking their firearms by serial number (registration), two major goals  of gun control advocates.

Two law firms represent patent holders  that could make the ABA recommendation reality. They’ve spent $6.7 million on campaign contributions since 2004, while the entire gun rights lobby spent $6 million.

There are fortunes to be made promoting gun control.-[source]

1 comment to Hidden Threat to Second Amendment

  • And we’re supposed to believe the talented gunsmiths who can convert starter pistols and Airsoft guns into semi-fully-automatic AK-15 grenade launchers won’t be able to circumvent this?

    In other news, revolver and brass catcher sales are.predicted to increase.

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