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Texas Police Theft, ‘Gun Control’ Futility

“Gun shop owner gets probation for buying stolen guns, find ” Eyewitness News ABC 13 tells us.

An Humble gun shop owner will not be going to prison for his connection to the sale of guns stolen from the Cleveland Police Department.

Stolen from the police?  Who is in a position to do that?

The EasTex Advocate fills in more details:

[T]he proprietor of Sportsman’s Outlet and Gun Range in Humble, generic Texas, discount entered into a barter arrangement with Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Captain Harry Kelley.

In a separate indictment, Kelley is accused of stealing thousands of rounds of ammunition and hundreds of guns belonging to the Cleveland Police Department, which he in turn bartered, without further payment for the City of Cleveland, to [Gary] Lee. In exchange, Lee then provided scores of other new firearms that Kelley then resold under his Federal Firearms License.

Understandably, the government is portraying this as “an unacceptable blemish on the integrity of law enforcement in Liberty County.” Perhaps.  But what is also unacceptable is the systemic lack of controls and accountability that would lead anyone to think they could get away with such a scheme–repeatedly and over the course of years.-[source]

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