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Gun Control Can Be Murder

Here’s the thing about gun control: it doesn’t work. The megalomaniac who robs a bank, the emotionally disturbed loner who walks into a school and attempts to murder his classmates, and the drug dealer who brings a gun with him in case his clients are unwilling to pay up- none of these individuals have any regard for human life. They have even less regard for the restrictions that ambitious, well-intentioned legislators put on guns. Coincidently, they could all be stopped dead in their tracks (sorry, bad pun) if those same legislators had allowed law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon.

For reasons I don’t completely understand, there is a certain overwhelming antipathy for gun rights on the American Left. Liberalism (before it became synonymous with overzealous egalitarianism and anti-western nihilism) came to us from the Latin “liberalis” meaning “of freedom.” The main objective of gun rights, as found in the Second Amendment, is to protect the people and their “freedoms” from overeager governments. The Second Amendment is a tool to empower the people, though I suppose when these welfare state liberals say “power to the people,” what they really mean is food stamps and abortions for everyone.

One only need look to the Left’s favorite continent, Europe, to see where gun laws have failed miserably and where a lack of gun restrictions has worked rather well.-[source]

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