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Texans Debate CCW On Campus

Texas already lets lawmakers bring guns into the Capitol. And the governor sometimes jogs with a loaded pistol. But should people be allowed to carry concealed weapons onto college campuses?

Gun advocates argue that doing so could help put a quick end to threats like the one posed by a University of Texas student who fired several rounds from an assault rifle Tuesday before killing himself.

Under current law, college buildings in Texas are gun-free zones. But that did not stop Colton Tooley from darting along a street near the university’s clock tower Tuesday, shooting off an AK-47. He then entered a library and shot himself. No one else was hurt.-[source]

2 comments to Texans Debate CCW On Campus

  • TheJayMan

    Actually all Texans with a CHL can legally visit the state Capitol, not just lawmakers. In fact, there is a separate CHL line which bypasses the metal detectors altogether.

  • NICE!
    No weapons are allowed in the Az Capitol buildings, outside is a different matter altogether.
    That’s for us peasants, I’m sure the ruling class carries inside, or wherever else they desire.

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