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Ask any scout at the 2010 National Jamboree about his favorite activity and you’ll get a virtually unanimous
answer, shooting. At this year’s 100th Anniversary Jamboree, airgun shooting is the domain of Crosman Corporation. Long known for innovation and quality in the shooting sports, Crosman began working with the Boy Scouts of America in the 1980s as a provider of airguns and advisors for their shooting programs.
Says Crosman’s shooting services prostaffer, Bob Soldivera, “The 100th Anniversary, 2010 National Scout Jamboree has been the high point of nearly thirty years of work. Since the 1980s, when scouts learn to shoot, they’ve often done it with a Crosman airgun,” said Soldivera. The guiding principal of all Crosman’s work with Scouting is a mutual commitment to providing a safe, supervised shooting environment while making shooting accessible to scouts.
According to Soldivera, “The shooting events at the National Scout Jamboree remain ever-popular. Since shooting in our country is typically conducted at an event or is often only an occasional activity for kids, the opportunities they have to learn safe shooting are limited and shrinking,” said Soldivera. “Not only did scouts learn how to shoot safely at this and other Jamborees, they were sufficiently excited to come back to the air rifle shooting venues over and over again. It truly becomes a lifetime sport for them.”-[source]

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