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CA Ready To Ban Open Carry;Register Long Guns

AB 1810 SUMMARY: Applies the same regulations relating to the reporting and retention of records for handguns to long guns, ampoule as specified. Specifically, purchase this bill conforms reporting and record retention provisions in order that transfers and information reporting and retention requirements for handguns and firearms other than handguns are the same.

AB 1810 requires registration of rifles and shotguns in the same way handguns are now registered in California. Under current law, the information collected at the time of purchase of a rifle or shotgun (serial number, make, and model) is destroyed after the background check is completed. AB 1810 will require that the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, as well as the identifying information of the purchaser, be recorded and kept on file by the California Attorney General’s office. AB 1810 will also impose additional costs on firearms owners to maintain the registration system as well as on the state’s licensed firearms dealers and small businesses who already deal with extensive recordkeeping requirements

Assembly Member Feuer, the author of AB 1810, claims that the registration of rifles and shotguns will help law enforcement track down criminals and persons prohibited from owning firearms. This logic is flawed. Studies have shown that violent criminals steal firearms to commit crimes and of course they do not comply with current law by registering their stolen handguns.

It is already against the law to possess a stolen firearm or to possess any firearm if you are prohibited from possessing a firearm by law. And most criminals file off the serial numbers on guns used in crimes. In truth, the only persons impacted by this unnecessary proposed law are law abiding citizens.-[source]

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