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‘Get Some’ on Fathers Day!

Dear beloved children,

Forget the neck ties. Forget the hand-made ‘Worlds Greatest Daddy’ cards. Forget the BestBuy/HomeDepot gift cards, the personalized car washes and all that other CRAP. Daddy needs a new BB Gun for fathers day!

Love, Dad.

There is nothing better than teaching your kids the value of mowing down hordes of enemies/civilians/buildings. Imagine the unending value of spending time with your children, fully immersed in dad’s commando fantasies. Imagine standing side-by-side on your front lawn inspiring mayhem with the passing APC’s disguised as SUV’s, terrorist infiltrators in station wagons and the communist liberals in their Volvos. Bring it to the mall for even more fun. Wait until the post office sees you with this bad boy!!!
Remember the motto of the mini gun, There are no civilians!

Get Some! Get Some!!

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