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California looking to force shotgun and rifle registration

A California Democrat is proposing a new law requiring residents to register their shotguns and rifles or go to jail, store has learned.

Assemblyman Mike Feuer, help whose district includes Beverly Hill and West Hollywood, online this week introduced legislation ordering law enforcement to “permanently keep” records of anyone who buys a gun from a dealer or an individual. California already stores information about handgun purchases.

The proposal comes as the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a landmark civil rights case, McDonald v. Chicago, which will decide whether Second Amendment rights in the federal constitution trump state anti-gun laws. But California is proposing mandatory registration — and not a flat ban, as Washington, D.C. once tried and the justices rejected — and even legal scholars specializing in this area disagree about whether registration is constitutional.

“Even though the constitutionality of such a measure is a close call, it is a horrible public policy choice,” says Gene Hoffman, chairman of the CalGuns Foundation. “Just as Canada is about to do away with their long gun registry after squandering $1 billion, California wishes to attack law abiding gun owners for firearms not used in crime.” – [source]

2 comments to California looking to force shotgun and rifle registration

  • Bob Long

    That is what happens when you allow pot smokers to vote in CA. That is what you get when you get a gov that is not from AMerica, leading one of largest states. and that is why, regardless where Obama was born, he should not be eligible to run for dog catcher much less President of the US. He was educated in a terrorist friendly country. I bet they did not say the pledge of allegiance, I bet they did not learn anything except how evil AMerica and Isarel are. Yet, the lesser educated amoung us, (the stupid) elected him because he was the flavor of the month. Real AMericans in CA should leave and leave as fast as they can, come to Tx or Alaska where there are no state taxes. Let the put heads and the liberal left ruin what is left of CA. I doubt if OK will ever have such liberal laws, at least I hope not. God Bless AMerica, the old one, not what we are turning into.

  • WOW! Someone with the last name of Fuhrer that’s a Democrat (Demonkraut)sponsoring legislation similar to what Germany did against the Jewish community in the 1930′s Germany.
    Hmm, veddy intervesting.

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