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Cryo Chamber

The real danger of right-wing extremists

By David Kupelian

There’s only one thing that could seriously, perhaps fatally, derail all the principled, well-intentioned, patriotic efforts currently taking place to rein in the shocking and unconstitutional power-grabbing by Barack Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress. And that would be for elements on the Right to turn to violence.

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Such a turn of events would do much more than

validate all the government’s warnings about "right-wing extremists."

It would signal an immediate change of law, culture and public policy

that would result in vastly increased government control over our lives

and vastly diminished constitutional rights for citizens. For this very

reason, we must realize that leftist leaders secretly would relish an eruption of violence on the Right.


is nothing new. Abortion rights activists derive tremendous public

relations value when an abortion clinic is bombed. So even though

anti-abortion violence is extremely rare and is utterly repudiated by

every pro-life organization and leader, abortion activists nevertheless

love to paint pro-lifers as "violence-prone." Why? Because

abortion-clinic violence helps their cause. It elicits sympathy toward

them, anger toward the anti-abortion side, and a powerful push for new

laws benefitting the abortion camp.

Of course, the

classic example of a leader exploiting an attack on the establishment –

an attack he himself almost surely instigated – is the Reichstag fire.

No sooner was Berlin’s parliament building mysteriously torched in 1933

than Adolf Hitler moved with lightning speed to annihilate individual

rights and ruthlessly consolidate his power. Here’s how Jacob

Hornberger, founder of the libertarian Future of Freedom Foundation,

retells this famous story:

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