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NHL All Star Game comes to Dallas

Today I took my son to see some of the events surrounding the 2006-2007 NHL All Star Game in Dallas Texas. The NorthPark Mall hosted an event which included Todd McFarlane, NHL Celebs and Lord Stanleys Cup! 

I was only out for the first day but it was AWESOME to see so many fans from all over N. America swarming the place.  Being from Michigan, I was able to speak the language of those Canucks who looked like invaders from another world next to the jeans and cowboy boots of the locals. "Say Ya to da’ U.P. Eh?"

To celebrate further, I think I will be digging up my all-time favorite hockey movie Strange Brew. I watched Slap Shot last night, but it had none of the sinister plots that one might expect from a true hockey classic!

We arrived around 11:30am and began standing in line. We didn’t quite know what we were standing in line for, but had figured once it was our turn we would know what it was we were waiting on.

I have put some pictures up from the event.  Specials/2007AllStar

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