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MySpace Picture Viewer for Vista Sidebar

Just because I could:  Are you using Windows Vista yet? It’s pretty darned cool and *unlike when* you switched up from Windows 98 to Windows 2000, this OS doesn’t take anymore time to load than what you are used to.  Programs do not run slower, Ram requirements do not bite you in the backside and even your flimsy 1Gig processor will manage to keep itself off of the redline! 

And now there are GADGETS! Similar to those neat add-in tools found on, these handy drop-on items can be informational, entertaining, useful or just pretty.  If you know how to write HTML and a little Javascript, even you can write Gadgets for your sidebar.

I wrote my second Gadget and now offer it to you (though a vast majority of you are not yet using Vista since it technically hasn’t been released to the general public).  You wouldn’t want my first one… it only said "hello world" in a rather smug fashion.

This Gadget will scroll your favorite MySpace friends photos either as a small Gadget in your Sidebar or as a LARGE GADGET on your desktop.  The default will display my MySpace pictures, but you simply need to click on the little tool icon to the right to change that to some other Friend ID.  I think you will figure it out.

Download it now: MySpacePictures.gadget

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