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IBM sees need to shift jobs overseas


There have been many layoffs at the center I formerly worked at over the last 18 months, along with severe paycuts for all the contractors while IBM’ers got COLA raises and assurances on their bonuses. Now our jobs are going to India.

IBM has been slowly attriting jobs out of the center I formerly worked at and our sister centers in Oak Brook, IL. and Atlanta. My contract manager lied, cheated and stole at every opportunity, and backstabbed us all every chance he got. Such a spineless piece of fecal waste actually got an H1B and came over here to run a visa scam to get his cousins and in-laws into this country. Had to hire some citizens to keep IBM happy, though, but it looks like the chickens are all coming home to roost now. I hope IBM chokes on the ten dollar a day ‘analyists’ they’re going to get. IN A RECORDING of a conference call given to The New York Times by a labor union, top employee relations executives said IBM needed to make the same moves its competitors made to save money by shifting service jobs away from the United States. The article cited Forrester Research as estimating 450,000 U.S. computer industry jobs could be transferred overseas in the next 12 years, representing eight percent of U.S. computer jobs. Executives worried on the March IBM conference call that broader unionization could arise as the trend strengthens, The Times said. “Governments are going to find that they’re fairly limited as to what they can do, so unionizing becomes an attractive option,” said IBM director for global employee relations Tom Lynch on the recording. “You can see some of the fairly appealing arguments they’re making as to why employees need to do some things like organizing to help fight this.”

The Seattle-based Washington Alliance of Technology Workers gave the recording, which was placed on an internal company Web site, to the newspaper after receiving it from a company employee who was upset about its content, The Times said.

I sure do miss the companies who Made America Great.



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