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Lance Bade sets National Championship record

The 2003 USA Shooting National Championships concluded Saturday with two-time Olympian Lance Bade (Colorado Springs, Colo.) marking a new National Championship record.


Bade started the contest Thursday tied at 100 with three other men for a never-seen before start to the last discipline of the 10th Annual Shotgun Nationals held on Fort Carson. He finished with a 296 and the new National Trap Record.

Even with the final round canceled because of the weather, the Men’s Trap event posted some of the most competitive scores seen in years.

Bret Erickson (Buena Vista, Ga.) put up a 295 for second place. And junior champion Sheldon Benge (Comfort, Texas) had a 293 for the men’s bronze. Ryan Hadden and Christopher Kiernan would have battled in the finals tied for fourth at 292, while Seth Inman rounded off the top-six with a 290.

Benge finished the junior finals with a 316 (293 + 23) and a second-strait Championship. Matthew Wallace took the junior’s silver with 312 (287 + 25). Wayne Romanski finished with a 306 (283 + 23) for third.

The women completed their final round before the storm rolled in but it featured no big surprises. 1996 Olympian Terri DeWitt (Smith Station, Ala.) led the women for the last two days and walked away the champion with a score of 314 (290 + 24). Whitely Loper (Indian Springs, Ala.) finished in second with a 306 (282 + 24). Lacy Holtz (Colorado Springs, Colo.) took the bronze with a 301 (179 + 22).

The junior women’s championship went to Loper, as well. Mandy Dorman clinched second with a 292 (271 + 21) and Goldie Pippen finished third one target back.

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