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5 Ex-Cops Sentenced In Katrina Killings Case

A federal judge sentenced five former police officers to years in prison for the deadly shootings on a New Orleans bridge in the chaotic days following Hurricane Katrina but not before lashing out at prosecutors for allowing others involved to serve lighter penalties for their crimes. The case that wrapped up Wednesday was the centerpiece [...]

As Santorum Fires Gun, Woman Shouts ‘Pretend It’s Obama’

At a campaign stop at a firing range, while Rick Santorum was firing off some rounds, a woman shouted, “pretend it’s Obama.”

Santorum, who was far from the woman, couldn’t hear the comment as he proceeded with his target practice. Neither could his staffers.

But the yell – the identity of the yeller [...]

Local Police Gun For Armored Tanks

The Sheriff’s Department in Bossier Parish, sildenafil Louisiana announced a plan in 2010 to train local volunteers to use shotguns, rx riot gear and a .50-caliber machine gun mounted on what the sheriff called a “war wagon.” The program was part of “Operation Exodus,” a plan to prepare for a potential terrorist attack or local [...]

‘Open Carry’ Laws Pit States Against One Another

A battle is brewing between states as gun rights and open carry laws are considered by lawmakers.

Oklahoma is the latest state to consider a measure allowing open carry within state boundaries, illness while in California lawmakers are considering a bill to ban open carry in the state. In Louisiana state lawmakers are debating a [...]

Armed civil rights leader Hicks dead at 81

Robert Hicks has died.


From The Times-Picayune: Robert Hicks, a lion in the Louisiana civil rights movement whose legal victories helped topple segregation in Bogalusa and change discriminatory employment practices throughout the South, died Tuesday in his home. He was 81.

What does that have to do with the right of the people to [...]

Handgun sales surge locally, statewide

Louisiana’s steadily increasing concealed-handgun permit sales spiked last year, reaching more than 9,000 and almost doubling those in 2008, according to State Police.Some attribute the jump to the lingering speculation of gun owners who suspect the federal government plans to restrict firearm use. Others suggest the economic downturn and a perceived need for protection might [...]