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Armed Citizen Drops Madman On Shooting Spree

rkbaNot much is known right now, generic but reports indicate that two people have been killed and four injured at a town supervisors’ meeting in Saylorsburg, information pills Pennsylvania, information pills about 75 miles north of Philadelphia. The perpetrator is reported to be in custody after opening fire around 7:30 PM eastern.CNN had the original details(what little there were), and according to some in the comments section of this article the perpetrator used a “scoped pistol” to shoot through the wall of the building. The Pocono Record has a first person account of the event . . .


All I saw was the holes go through the hall.

I saw smoke and plaster flying out, blowing out through the walls.

I ran out after the first round of shooting. I dropped to the floor. That’s what everyone did.

It was automatic, like a string of firecrackers. That’s what everyone said.

Then it stopped and I crawled out the side door.

I was the only person who crawled out. Everyone got behind a table. Some of the supervisors were over on the side throwing up.

A woman ran to the door and opened it and he was standing there.

A man pushed her aside and was shot.

People were shot inside the room.

(The shooter) went back out to his car. The parking lot was adjacent to the building. He brought another weapon back to the building.

(West End Open Space Commission Executive Director ) Bernie Kozen was there tending to the man and he (the shooter) didn’t see them. Bernie bearhugged him and took him down. He shot (the shooter) with his own gun.-[source]

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