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Cryo Chamber

Somebody please help me take this hat off!!

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy nut in a tin-foil hat, but I can’t help but have a small suspicion that THIS kind of situation is the real purpose behind the lunatic rush to ban civilian weapons. Several states have already passed horrendous legislation within weeks of the tragedy at Newtown, yet our federal Gov’t has gone more than 1100 days seemingly incapable of putting together a budget. Read the story attached below and then combine it with the facts that:

~ We too suffer from an insurmountable amount of debt.

~ Our Gov’t continues to spend way beyond its means with no intention of creating a budget.

~ In the last 3 years it has added an incredibly vast arsenal of ammunition (1.6 billion rounds), armored vehicles and portable road blocks all in the name of protecting us against “domestic terrorism.”

~ AND, our Gov’t signed into law the NDAA, which gives our gov’t the right to indefinite detention without due process.

Now, keep all those things in mind, read the following article, and please give me a reason to take this tin-foil hat off, because it is itchy!! (Jak)

(Edit:  I just remembered someone had e-mailed me a link to a visual depiction of the amount of debt we have in the US.  It was pretty incredible, here is a link to that:  Youtube Link to Demoncracy Debt

Bulgaria Government Resigns amid National Protests because of Europe’s Debt Crisis

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