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dorkalertGun sensitivity is certainly on the rise. And if you needed an example, pharmacy look no further than Belleville, ampoule Ill., cheapest where a battle is brewing between local police officers and a Denny’s Restaurant after an on-duty detective who went inside was told that she either had to leave her firearm in the car or exit the establishment. In addition to voicing outrage at the alleged treatment, the Belleville police chief has since banned officers from eating at the diner.

The drama unfolded on New Year’s Day when the detectives were eating at the Denny’s. The restaurant’s manager came over to tell a female in the group that she had to take her gun to the car or leave. Her request was purportedly based on a complaint from another customer. While, at first, the detectives assumed that the mandate was a joke, they quickly learned otherwise.

The manager explained the Denny’s only allows officers in uniform to carry guns, however the detectives had shown their badges, thus substantiating their identities. When they got up to leave, a general manager, who purportedly noticed the officers refusing to pay for their meals during the dispute, came over and told them that they could stay after all. But the damage was done.-[source]

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