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Brothers Arrested After 3rd Brother Shot And Killed In Phoenix

whoopassTwo brothers have been booked into jail after a third brother was shot and killed outside an apartment in Phoenix.

Phoenix police say officers were called to an apartment complex near 17th Street and Indian School Road about a fight in which shots were fired around 11:15 p.m. Saturday.

Once there they found the two suspects, 18-year-old Mardell and 18-year-old Merrell Curley throwing large river rocks through an apartment window.

Officers located the shooting victim, 17-year-old Theodore Curley, fatally wounded outside the apartment.

A third suspect was detained but later released. He required medical attention after being struck in the head with a river rock.

Police said detectives investigated through the night and determined that the victim and his two brothers were drinking outside at their apartment complex last night and at some point got into an altercation in front of the third suspect’s apartment.

That man went inside his apartment and the victim, Theodore Curley, reportedly went back to his apartment to get two knives.

Theodore and his two brothers returned to the third suspect’s apartment where Theodore tried to force his way in while making threats.

The unnamed third suspect repeatedly warned Theodore to go away and warned him that he had a gun, police said.

Fearing for his life and the life of his girlfriend and a baby inside the apartment, the 19-year-old man shot Theodore.

The victim’s brothers became upset and began throwing large river rocks into the apartment.

One of the rocks hit the suspect in the head.

Based on the information given, detectives released the shooting suspect and arrested Theodore’s brothers for aggravated assault, police said.-[source]

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