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Hypocritical NBC Commits On-Air Gun Violation,No Arrests

dorkalertNBC continues to remain silent over the on-air crime committed by David Gregory last Sunday during Meet The Press when he was clearly in possession of a ‘high-capacity magazine’ in violation of D.C. Official Code § 7-2506.01.

This code section makes it a crime to simply possess a ‘high-capacity magazine’ regardless of whether it is attached to a firearm and makes no exception that would apply to Gregory’s on-air display.

Furthermore, pharmacy this is a strict-liability offense which does not require any intent on the part of the person being charged. Claims of lack of evil intent, lack of knowledge, or ‘misunderstanding’ have no bearing on guilt in a strict liability case.

If you possess it … you are guilty. And Gregory very clearly possessed it.  Maybe that is why NBC is being so quiet.-[source]

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