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Teens Arrested For Firing Shots, Ramming Police Car

Two people have been arrested after an officer-involved shooting early Saturday morning.

Officers were on patrol about 1:20 a.m. when they observed the front passenger of a red Ford Explorer fire 5 rounds from a handgun in the area of 113th Ave and Hadley.

Officers followed the vehicle and tried to make a traffic stop. The driver failed to yield and fled the scene. Police pursued the vehicle to a dead end dirt road behind the Home Depot, buy information pills near Dysart and Coldwater Plaza, about it about 4 miles away.

The driver attempted to drive through a chain link fence which leads onto the access road to I-10. Officers pulled up behind the vehicle and yelled commands to them.

The suspect vehicle then reversed, ramming the marked police car.

The officer discharged his service weapon at the threat, and the driver and passenger surrendered.-[source]

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