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Sara Weaver Forgives Ruby Ridge Attackers

While a healthy sense of distrust and skepticism for the U.S. government is the only silver lining in this 20-year-old, gloomy cloud, adult Sara Weaver is willing to look past the incident on Ruby Ridge and offer forgiveness. Two decades ago, she witnessed the death of her mother, her father being shot twice by U.S. government snipers, and she crawled around the floor of her home for 10 days as she struggled to collect food and water for her terrified family. Twenty years is a long time for a wound to heal, though. Sara, now 36 and a born-again Christian, has found it in her heart to forgive the people who laid siege to her family.

“All bitterness and anger had to go. I forgave those that pulled the trigger,” she said. “After losing mom and Sam, I almost felt guilty even thinking about being happy after they were gone. But that’s a lie. Your family members don’t want you to grieve them. They want you to move on.”

“It’s hard to live without (your mother) to turn to,” she said. “I want to turn to my mother for advice. We miss her terribly. It never goes away.” Sara Weaver may be able to forgive what happened at Ruby Ridge, but she isn’t willing to forget — and neither is the rest of America.

It’s hard to know where to begin with the Ruby Ridge incident, because nothing that happened is fully black and white. Mistakes were made by both parties involved and many of the details are still disputed to this day, so the safest place to start is back at the beginning — where it all began.-[source]

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