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Bronze Star For Removing LIVE Grenade From Marine

Surgeons have incredibly high-stress jobs, viagra but the most experienced brain surgeon has got nothing on Lt. Cmdr. James Gennari of the U.S. Navy Nurses Corps, this who received a Bronze Star after helping to remove a live rocket-propelled grenade from a Marine’s leg. Yeah, prescription you read that right – the whole time, the grenade was just one twitch away from exploding and sending out a blast powerful enough to destroy a car.

It was just another day for Gennari in an Afghan battle zone when a helicopter brought in a Marine who had a rocket-propelled grenade lodged in his leg. The wound was as gruesome as it was dangerous, with the head of the grenade protruding from one side of the Marine’s leg and the fins of the grenade sticking out of the other side.

At first, the medical staff wasn’t really all that sure what to do with Lance Cpl. Winder Perez, the unlucky Marine who had caught the grenade. They kept Perez on a gurney outside of the hospital while they considered their options. They considered getting the surgeon to cut out the grenade, but they ultimately decided against it – the hospital only had one surgeon.

The surgeon even warned Gennari that he was not obligated to help Perez, but Gennari recalls saying, “I’m a nurse. That’s my job. I’m going.”

Gennari teamed up with Army Staff Sgt. Ben Summerfield, an explosive expert, and together they began what would probably be the most delicate medical operation that all three of the men would ever have to endure. Gennari squeezed Perez’s hand and said, “I promise out no matter what, I won’t leave you until that thing’s out of your leg.”

Perez answered, “Thanks, cool,” and one shot of anesthesia later that was the last thing Perez would remember about the event.-[source]

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