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MISS Robbery Raises Questions About Home Invasion Safety

We all dread that moment when we know in our gut that somebody is breaking into our home. For 60-year-old Donald Kimbrough of Monroe County, sickness Mississippi, that moment came at around 7:20 Monday night.

Kimbrough recalled that moment of gut-wrenching anxiety: “I noticed that my gun safe was open and that my cabinet doors were open and stuff was just strewed all over the floor.”

This could have been a desperate moment for the former U.S. Army Infantryman, but Kimbrough knew exactly what to do. He told his wife to stay in the car and dial 911, he grabbed the shotgun that he kept next to the door, and he went to investigate. Kimbrough spotted an individual who was attempting to flee the scene and opened fire. The bullets struck the camper but missed the suspect.

Firing at somebody who has his back turned to you would definitely look bad in a court room, but Monroe County Sheriff Cecile Cantrell said, “I think he did what most people would do. And I salute him for what he did do because I really believe that he was protecting his dwelling and his family.”

According to Cantrell, shooting at the suspect was justified in this case because there was reasonable concern that the thief was armed with Kimbrough’s guns. In fact, four guns had been stolen from the residence, though two were found outside in the backyard. -[source]

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