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Mexican Attorney To Sue ATF For “Fast and Furious”

A Mexican lawyer is preparing a civil lawsuit against the Agency Snuff, Firearms and Explosives (ATF, for its acronym in English) United States, representing relatives of victims of the operation ‘Fast and Furious’, with which the U.S. government illegally brought weapons into the country to trace and catch the criminals that were acquired.
This is Eugenia Gonzalez Diana Saldana, who has two master’s degrees in Criminal Science and Criminology from the University Autonomous of Nuevo Leon, and who, in coordination with an office in Houston, Texas, intends to take legal action against U.S. agency for the damage caused by the operation, whose failure has already been publicly acknowledged by the government of Barack Obama.
This would, she says, the first lawsuit brought by Mexico against the promoters of the failed plan to trace weapons smuggled into Mexico, most of which ended up, of course, at the hands of organized crime.
In an interview, the lawyer who litigates in particular, specifies that the Texan firm that shall assist asked to collect 50 cases to present solid way of a civil complaint in the neighboring country to the north.
Currently, she says, has documented four cases, including that of Mario Gonzalez Rodriguez, brother of the exprocuradora the state of Chihuahua, Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez, who was kidnapped and killed by one of the two thousand weapons smuggled into the country as part of the operation “Fast and Furious”.
With this lawsuit, which claims not charged to those affected, she risks her integrity, but feels the need to do citizen, said the criminal.
“I’m playing the single. I’m risking my life, my things, my family, everything, but it’s something that someone has to do because nobody has had the pants to do so. I can not believe anyone has come up with this idea, but what happens is that everyone is afraid,  ”says Gonzalez.
Her plan is to file a civil lawsuit against ATF. Although in Mexico is not possible to sue an agency in the United States does and will be determined by a judge, whether to demand, who are the officials responsible.
The trial lawyer said she is willing to work for years to compile documents and boost demand in order to succeed to the district attorney of Houston, where she hopes to bring proceedings.-[source]

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