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Neighbor Posts Unmistakable Warning

Homeowners in a rural Pima County subdivision are prepared to take matters into their own hands. The Three Points residents say there’s too much crime where they live and law enforcement isn’t doing enough to stop it. It’s led to one neighbor posting an unmistakable warning for criminals.

The homemade sign on the corner of Hilltop and Fullerton reads: “You [CENSORED] burglars: get ready to die very soon.”
Neighbor Vance Combs doesn’t know who wrote it, but isn’t surprised at the message.
9 On Your Side reporter Kevin Keen asked Combs, “Do you feel like a lot of people in the neighborhood feel that way?” “I know a lot of people in the neighborhood feel that way,” he answered. “A lot of people have made it well aware that they’re going to start using fire power and personal protection.” Keen said, “That sounds dangerous.” “To a criminal,” Combs replied.-[source]

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