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Cryo Chamber

Seized Weapons Linked To Killing Of 18

A week after the discovery of 18 bodies left inside two vans, mind located less than 200 meters from the asphalt of the highway Guadalajara-Chapala, agents of the state Public Security Secretariat (SSP) secured a arsenal in a safe house for rent at Rancho del Oro in Ajijic.

Police authorities noted that the material seized two AK-47 rifles, two AR-15 type, two 40-caliber grenade launchers, three fragmentation grenades, 50 magazines for various calibres and 1,867  cartridges, two industrial refrigerators, that might be linked the killing in Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos.

The farm is located at the intersection of Rio Maracaibo and Rio Amazon, and the finding occurred when the state police were conducting a tour of surveillance and observed a subject acting suspiciously, just as he entered the real estate development.

According to the corporation, the subject was able to flee from the rear of the building after observe the presence of security agents.

“Additionally, we found a notebook in which they have a record or arms control and annotations on (various) payments, which is even mentioned the purchase of two refrigerators.”-[source]

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