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Mexican Citizens Had 27,000 Rounds Of Ammo In South Texas

A man and a woman from Mexico face up to 10 years in prison for illegally having about 27, viagra 000 rounds of ammunition in South Texas.
Investigators in Laredo say 35-year-old Abraham Garcia-Perguero and 33-year-old Maria Isabel Rodriguez-Olivio pleaded guilty Monday to weapons charges. No sentencing date was immediately set. Both remain in custody.
Authorities say the suspected illegal immigrants had been living in Laredo, where they ran a stop sign March 14 and were questioned by police. Officers found the ammo in more than two dozen boxes in the pickup truck.
Garcia-Perguero and Rodriguez-Olivio told investigators they had picked up the ammo from a Laredo gun store. Prosecutors say the pair expected to be paid about $500 to deliver the items to a designated pickup spot.-[source]

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