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Arsenal Seized In Guasave, Sinaloa

In Bamoa station, Guasave, where the Army gunned down 10 suspected criminals, seized 25 firearms, including two 50-caliber Barrett, 1,600  rounds of ammunition, 95 magazines, a grenade launcher and eight grenades of various types.

They also seized four vehicles, two of them armored, whose records are checked to establish the identity of their owners.

According to a statement of the Ninth Military Zone, ground inspection by the area, soldiers found armed men, which at its presence felt attacked by what is said aggression.

The armed group took refuge in the hotel Macurin, located down the street Benito Juarez, where the military exchanged fire for several hours, until 10 of them were killed and two soldiers were killed.

The State Attorney’s Office said there is no evidence that this has a connection with clashes last weekend in the Sierra de Choix, where 13 suspected criminals were killed by federal forces.

In those same events, a municipal police officer of Choix and copilot of a helicopter of the armed forces were killed.-[source]

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