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Quetchehueca Shootout Between Kidnappers & Police, 1 Dead

A shootout between a group of kidnappers and elements of the municipal police left one dead, pilule a preventive agent shot and securing three firearms in addition to the rescue of a healthy businessman, the incident took place yesterday shortly after from 09:00 hours on the streets Norman E. Bourlaug between 900 and 1000 of the Yaqui Valley.
Mention may be made later after conducting a series of operations in the city, four others were captured.
EL regional de sonora upon arrival at the site of the shooting, police know that  Daniel Rodriguez Flores 48-year-old commander of police in the police station on Mars Colony R. Gomez and Tobarito, one who was shot.
Wounds that presented the officer, are hip right side of his body and forearm on the same side, for which he was immediately taken to ISSSTESON which is reported out of danger.
The alleged kidnapper who died after receiving multiple gunshot wounds, was identified as Saul Ortiz Cesar Sanchez 20 years, resident of the street 266 in the colony Azucenas Lopez Machi, although it said it was from Altos de Jecopaco.
This person had three bullet wounds to the height of the back, and his body was thrown into a secondary channel located on the street 9 and a half and Norman Borlaug in the Yaqui Valley.
Similarly Guerrero were arrested Ramon Caballero of Caballero 21 years old, and Fabian Campos Alberto Rivas were arrested at the scene, being injured in the shootout the last mentioned.-[source]

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