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Family Describes Home Invasion

A valley man wakes up to find an intruder standing over him with a gun. But it turns out that the homeowner had the upper hand.

An intruder held the homeowner’s loaded gun to his face early Sunday morning.

David Jennings said when your family’s well-being is at risk, you don’t really have time to think — you just do. So he jumped out of bed and fought back.

Groggy from sleep, Jennings woke up at 3 a.m. to a stranger in his bedroom.

“Finally kicked in — this is not a dream. This is real,” he said.

The intruder was allegedly 18-year-old Ivan Sanchez.

He had found the loaded handgun that the Jennings keep next to their bedside table for protection and had it aimed at Jennings’ head.-[source]

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